Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By using the usaestaapplication.co.uk website, you agree to obey and be bound by the following terms and conditions referred to as “our terms” and agree to comply with all laws and regulations. References to “you” and “your” refer to each individual completing an application whether it’s the actual individual or another individual acting on another’s behalf, referred to as (“applicant”). References to “we”, us” and “our” refer to, usaestaapplication.co.uk.

About Our Services

Our service is as an online application service provider used to facilitate the ESTA Travel Authorization process in order for foreign nationals to visit the United States of America. Our services include analyzing and reviewing all of your answers, translating information, offering support with the application and checking the entire document for accuracy, spelling, and grammar. We DO NOT provide any legal advice and we are not affiliated with government officials or attorneys.

ESTA application confirmation as mentioned in FAQS is usually within 72 hours. United States Electronic System Travel Authorization applications in some instances may take longer.

www.usaestaapplication.co.uk is a private website and is not affiliated with any government agency. We assist foreign travelers needing proper documentation to enter the United States of America.

You may choose to engage our services or visit the State Department and Homeland Security Internet sites and make your request to travel to the U.S. for a lesser fee.

Upon completing the application form provided on our website, your request for a travel authorization document will be submitted after our review. Your ESTA application is subject to approval from the US Government. If any details have been entered incorrectly or are incomplete, your application may be delayed.

ESTA travel authorizations are generally valid for two years, or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. You may travel to the United States repeatedly within the validity period without having to apply for another ESTA.
Prior to making payment for the travel authorization, you will have an opportunity to review all the details you have provided on your screen and make changes if necessary. If you have made an error, it is important that you correct it before proceeding. Once you have confirmed the details, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details for our service charge.

www.usaestaapplication.co.uk will use its best endeavors to process applications for visas, passports and/or documents at the client’s request. www.usaestaapplication.co.uk shall not be held responsible for, nor accept any liability for the actions of any consulate, embassy, or passport office in postponing or declining such applications for any reason whatsoever.

www.usaestaapplication.co.uk shall not be held responsible for an expense and/or delay arising from or in connection with: (a) incorrectly or falsely completed application forms (b) inaccurate or incomplete supporting documentation. Any expense incurred by the client due to these delays or declinations shall not be the responsibility of, nor shall any charges be levied upon, www.usaestaapplication.co.uk.

The information provided on our website is based on publicly available information from the US Government.

We reserve the right to retain all documents until payment is received in full.
The data available on this website is solely for the use of www.usaestaapplication.co.uk customers. We reserve the right to block website access and/or take legal action against any users who it may deem to be accessing the website for illegal or unauthorized use.
www.usaestaapplication.co.uk reserves the right to refuse in its total discretion to handle any application or carry any item at any time and no reason need be given.


The cost for our services total is $70.00 USD per application. This includes our 24/7 support online by email before, during a post traveling service. This service fee includes the $14.00 USD government application processing fee. You also can apply directly through the government website at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta.
Our customers can pay for our services in their home currency (which will be equivalent to $70.00 USD in the time of payment), in this case, you will be charged according to what your card issuing bank is offering as an exchange rate to the USD. If you have questions about any of these charges, please contact your banking entity.
A full refund will be issued to all users who have made their application through www.usaestaapplication.co.uk in case of a rejected application by the US Government. If a refund is requested after the usaestaapplication.co.uk application is processed but not approved, for any reason other than application refusal, a $25 USD fee may apply. Please read our Refund Policy

Customer Service

If you have questions regarding your order, please get in touch with us at support@usaestaapplication.co.uk


We reserve our right to update these terms, as well as any other content on the website from time to time and such changes shall become effective immediately. Your continued use of this site signifies an acceptance of these amended Terms, and therefore the Terms should be reviewed before making any further use of this site.

Last Updated: 07/04/2018